Getting a TEFL certification gives you with the knowledge and teaching experience essential to becoming an English Teacher. But more than that it also equips you with skills vital to many professional environments.

One of the most common motivations for taking a TEFL course is a profound interest in travelling and seeing different parts of the world. Being a native English speaker in a non-English speaking country immediately puts you (and your knowledge and language skills) in demand. But to really know how to take advantage of this requires training. A TEFL course gives you the opportunity to develop personally and professionally whilst broadening your horizons and appeal to prospective employers.

The demand for English teachers is growing constantly. Globalization is making the world a smaller place and bringing people and cultures together. One of the reasons this is possible is the widespread use of English - there is no doubt that it is now the leading ‘international’ language. As native speakers, we are often unaware of the advantages we have compared to the millions of people who study, struggle, and invest huge amounts of time and money into learning English in order to be able to do business, travel, follow events in the new global context and much more.

Any good ESL teacher will tell you that one of the most rewarding aspects of their job is simply the fact that they are making a tangible difference in their students’ lives.

Be it helping students to communicate with international clients, excel in job interviews, or access foreign universities, your work will be helping people achieve goals integral to their future success - not something to be taken lightly.

In addition to experiencing exciting new local cultures, you will also become part of a vibrant ex-pat community. ESL teachers hail from all corners of the English-speaking globe, and this can be a fascinating cultural experience in itself. Sharing the peculiarities of your particular English will be of interest not only to your students, but also to your colleagues, and teaching ESL is guaranteed to reveal to you just how rich and quirky the English language is.

Any language enthusiast who is living abroad would be crazy not to make the most of the opportunity to learn the local tongue. Whatever your starting level may be, there is no doubt that immersion is one of the most effective ways to radically improve your speaking ability. By observing your students’ errors and discussing different expressions with them, you will gain a valuable insight into their language that will help you along your own learning journey.

In addition to the rich cultural experiences to be had whilst living abroad, teaching ESL offers many other personal and professional benefits. You will learn invaluable communication skills, gain confidence, and make contacts from all walks of life all over the world. International work experience is character building and well-regarded by future employers, not just in the teaching industry.